A downloadable game

FeatherQuest is a small game I'm developping for about two years,

  • The map

is randomly generated with "tiles" of 15x15x15 voxels, they are generated everytime you walk through, which makes the game more stressful everytime you change tile because it can be one with enemies, coins, power-ups or even bosses (and of course you want to survive).

  • The Goal

everytime you create a room, you get points, as when you beat enemies, collect coins or do any action.

  • How ?

the controls are only ZQSD / WASD (both works) and the spacebar,

it can also be played with a controller and if it is not enough, you can customize key binding in the unity launcher

  • State

The game is not currently available but it still in development.

Here I will show the development state and I'll try to update it as often as possible.

  • News

Achievement get: itch.io page created

  • Info

Created with Unity with almost no knowledge about unity or C# scripting I've learnt everything while looking tutorials on internet.

Thanks for testing: Demolir; Skey

Thanks for support: Jasur

by Clәfaz